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Thursday, January 25, 2007

My GTD Loves ReDo - List Software for the Palm Pilot

ReDo solves a major problem with the ToDo list function in my Palm Pilot - recurring tasks.

With ReDo, I just put a recurring task in once, decide how often I want it to show up in my ToDo list, decide which list I want it to go into, and forget about it. It's kind of like a tickler file for my task lists.

When I started using ReDo, I would put projects in it. But I don't do that any more. It just never worked out well. So now I only put in recurring tasks (click for a discussion of projects vs. tasks).

One of the ways I use this as a pastor is to keep up with my different ministry teams. Each month, I want to touch base with each of the leaders of the church's different ministry teams. So I have them scheduled in ReDo to show up one per weekday in my ToDo list (in the @Call category) starting at the beginning of each month.

I also use it to put "devotional and prayer" into my @Office list every day.

It's well worth the small price (maybe I'll register my copy someday).

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veggiegrrl said...

So how do you track your recurring projects?