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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting Things Done - Tickler File

GTD Tickler File (January 4)One of the best "tips n tricks" I got from David Allen's book Getting Things Done was the tickler file. Here's a picture of mine. The tickler file is a filing calendar consisting of 43 file folders - 12 monthly and 31 daily folders. The tickler file is such a phenomenal productivity tool, there's even a blog called 43folders.com that talks a lot about GTD implementation.

It takes me only a few seconds every day to check my tickler file and "tickle" my memory about what's on the agenda for the day. Maybe you have recurring things that need to be done every week (or month, or quarter). You can put a reminder in your tickler file and be absolutely certain you'll be reminded at exactly the right time. Then you can forget about it and stop worrying.

The strength of the tickler file is its ability to include existing physical items in your calendar. In the last 6 months, I've put all sorts of things in my tickler file - airline reservations, conference and travel information, birthday reminders, my weekly review checklist, blank thank-you notes, appointments, mail I need to respond to, date plans for my anniversary, articles to read, my daily worker's report, etc. At home, it's a great way to organize your bills.

Here's a link to David Allen's article about how to set up your own tickler file (you'll have to create a profile and they'll email the file to you for free). Here's a link to the 43Folders wiki article about the tickler file.

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