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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting Things Done - Contextualized Task Lists

I had figured out the difference between projects and tasks. Now it was time to put my tasks on context-sensitive (contextualized) task lists. These are in my Palm Pilot as different "ToDo" list categories.

Here are some of my ToDo action categories:
"@Agendas" - things I want to talk to certain people about when I see them.
"@Call" - calls I need to make when I'm in a calling mood.
"@Computer" - things I need to do that require a computer.
"@Errands" - things I need to do when I'm out and about.
"@Home" - things I need to do at home.
"@Office" - things I need to do at my office.
"@Read" - things I need to read (when I'm in a reading mood).
"Waiting for" - things I'm waiting to hear back on (delegated or otherwise).

Then I also have my two compulsory project categories:

I try not to write the items into my Palm Pilot directly. My graffiti just isn't fast enough. So I type them in on the computer and sync the Palm Pilot.

I patterned my ToDo list categories after David Allen's. You can download his article on setting up your PalmPilot here.

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