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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Personal Vision Workbook - Introduction (and legal stuff)

Personal Vision WorkbookWell, I am a pastor. So now that I've gotten my desk cleaned off, my life running smoothly, and my brain free of clutter (thanks to GTD), I want to spend some time helping you figure out what God has in mind for your life or your ministry. And from the popularity of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, I think a lot of people are looking for clarity - for an understanding of God's unique purpose for their lives. I believe that we cant be truly "effective" or "productive" until we know exactly what we're supposed to be about.

In late 2004, I had an opportunity to go to a CRM Focusing Leaders training event. Over several days, about 40 pastors went through a variety of intense group and individual exercises. At the end of those few days, we all walked out with a greater understanding of what God wanted for our ministries and lives. Each one of us had a brand new Personal Calling Statement (you can take a look at mine here).

I realized that I wanted to make that kind of process available to my church members, so they could discover God's unique calling for their lives. So I modified the CRM process and created a workbook that church members could go through on their own. I preached my first 20/20 Vision sermon series in January of 2006, and gave all of my church members their own Personal Vision Workbook (there's also a Student Edition).

Since January of 2006, several church members have gone through this workbook. One woman felt called to start working as a child advocate in the local court system. Another woman was able to come to grips with some previous abuse and start reaching out to others. Another woman felt called to quit her job and homeschool her daughter. Several people changed ministry positions in the church to be more in line with their calling and spiritual gifts. A couple others decided to start new careers. A family decided to set up a trust fund to enable future generations to get a Christian Education. And one man decided to finally start a (long-awaited) music ministry.

The next few posts will lead you through the process.

Listen to this year's Discovering God's Plan sermon, where I re-introduce the Personal Vision Workbook process to the congregation.

Use the Personal Vision Workbook for your own life or ministry and share it with others.

Legal Stuff:
Personal Vision Workbook (c) 2011 by Jay L. Perry
All Scripture from the New International Version

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