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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Getting Things Done - Office Supplies

Anybody else have a fetish for office supplies? (Sometimes I just go into the office supplies store to unwind. I look at pens and paper, software and routers, office furniture and PalmPilots. Do you know how many different Avery labels there are??) So when I learned I would need office supplies to process my inbox (see my previous post), I was really excited. Here's a list of the office supplies you'll need to start the Getting Things Done process.

Remember, you are dealing with paper. So you need proper paper-handling supplies. You can get all of these at the GTD Supplies section of the Juggling Sheep Bookstore.

First, you need an inbox. I have a couple of these. I keep the inbox on top and a tray underneath for my paper (you need paper for the daily brain-dump). That's why I like the ones open on one side, so I can just slide a piece of paper out.

Second, you need file folders. You can get hanging ones or standing ones (David Allen makes some kind of a case for standing ones). It turns out you actually have to file stuff for future reference.

Third, you need a desktop labeler. You will use this to label your file folders. Believe me, there's something about getting a labeler that will make you want to file. Maybe it's the new technology that you want to play with, or maybe it's the fact that your files look so professional... Oh, yeah. Buy some extra labeling tape, too. You'll probably need it.

The rest of the stuff you probably already have - a stapler, paper clips, assorted sizes of binder clips, and a tape dispenser. (We had to buy a filing cabinet at home).

There. Now you've got all your stuff. Ready to start processing the inbox?

Not quite. I guess you'll need some kind of calendar (doesn't matter what kind) and 43 file folders for a "tickler file" (I didn't make up the name). Maybe the next post will be about my tickler file (I want to help you procrastinate as long as possible before processing your inbox).

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