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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some of My Best Thinking Happens in the Shower

I don't always capture all of my ideas, projects, actions, and must-dos. There. I admitted it for all the world to see.

I found myself just this morning obsessing about going to the office and setting up the PowerPoint Projector (our old one died last week). So I went to the office and set it up. When I went to cross it off my project list... it wasn't there. Huh. Maybe that's why I had been obsessing about it.

The funny thing is, I've needed to set the projector up all week. And I've even been reminded multiple times. One time, I was reminded while sitting at my desk (right in front of my blank paper and my inbox and my PalmPilot!).

Why didn't I write it down and put it in my inbox (at the very least)?

Do I not trust my GTD system?

Do I really think it will do better rattling around in my head all week? I mean, that's just begging for me to forget about it and panic when I finally do remember at a later time.

I even did a great system review this Monday. I trust my system...

Maybe even after 8 months of GTD, it still isn't an automatic habit to write things down.

I have great ideas all the time that I don't write down. Usually when I'm in the shower or when I'm driving. I suppose I can get a voice memo recorder for when I'm driving (even though I do drive a stick).

Any suggestions for what to do about my ideas in the shower?

Over on the GTD forum, there's a thread about whiteboards. Gtderik says that he keeps a dry erase marker in his bathroom to make notes on the mirror:
I actually stole the idea from Jason Womack, but I have kept a dry erase pen (with magnetic tip to stick to the framing) in my bathroom. the mirror in the bathroom has become a great place for capture and placeholding for me... I tend to have lots of ideas but are fast to disappear.... so even while shaving i can scribble some notes to myself... in the mornings I often get a waterfall of things that bubble to the surface...the mirror has also become a makeshift @spouse list as well to communicate if I get in late and she is already in bed...

Any other ideas?


Pascal Venier said...

You should have a look at the following post at Eric Mack On-Line, a great GTD blog by the way: "A Shower of Ideas".

veggiegrrl said...

Lately, in the car, I use my cell phone to call and leave a message on my voicemail at work. Then I don't have to remember to retrieve anything from the car -- it's waiting at my desk when I get there.