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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Personal Vision Workbook - 7. Core Values

The following is from my Personal Vision Workbook. Read the introduction and legal stuff.


Our personal values determine what we do and how we do it. Personal values are essentially priorities statements. They are 4-8 things that repeatedly show up in your life. If someone were to follow you around for a week, they would be able to say 4-8 things about what you value most in life. One of King David’s values statements says:
“The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver or gold.” - Psalm 119:72

David was saying that if it came down to a choice between obeying God or getting rich, it was a slam-dunk decision.

It’s often easy to say we value certain things, even when there’s no evidence that it’s a real priority in our behavior. What values do you consistently exhibit in your life?

Complete the following sentences:

My character traits that I value the most are…

It really bugs me when others aren’t…

Some of my core convictions about people and relationships are…

Here's a sample list of some possible core values:
Justice, Honesty, Service, Family, Being Real, Teamwork, Worship, Hard Work, Friendships, Pioneering, Leadership, Simplicity, Humor, Music, Respect, Helping the Poor, Obedience, Excellence, Mentoring, Details, The Big Picture, Practicality, Evangelism, Prayer, Listening, Healing, etc.

Choose 4-8 values and write them on the Personal Vision Statement.pdf

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