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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GTD Lent and Lost

Houdini has lost his GTD book! And he doesn't know where to find it.

He want's to know if you have it...

I don't have it.

After reading and implementing Getting Things Done, I was so excited that I had to tell all my friends. I was about to lend my copy to a close friend...

"No!!!" Cried my wife, "You will need it. You will wish you had it. It is a reference book."

So I ended up buying the book for my friends instead of lending it out.

Incedentally, I got the book because my wife liked hers so much she had to buy me one.

"What?!!" You ask. "Your wife bought you a book she owned? Couldn't she just lend you the book?"

No!!! It's a reference book. If she had lent it to me, then she wouldn't have it when she needed it.

Bottom line: Don't lend your GTD to anyone.

1 comment:

Jay said...

I have confused some of you. I did not lose my book (listening to my wife occasionally pays off). Houdini lost his book.

Don't lend out your book.