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Sunday, February 4, 2007

GTD Review Scheduling for Pastors

The weekly GTD system review is a very important component of the whole Getting Things Done process. In fact, I think the review is the only way to make yourself trust the system enough to use it consistently.

The Getting Things Done literature says that Friday afternoon is the ideal time to do your weekly system review.

As a pastor, building toward a public worship event at the end of every week, I find that my weekly review works best on Monday morning. It gives me an opportunity to review the last worship service, judge my sermon effectiveness, process all the new inbox stuff that was dumped on me during church, see who I need to visit, look at what I need to do to be ready for the upcoming sermon, and plan my week accordingly.

I also find that without the impending deadlines associated with every weekend, my mind is free to do higher-level thinking and strategic planning. So my weekly review is scheduled for 10 AM on Monday morning.

When do you schedule your system review?


Jayne said...

Jay, I am a recently new convert to the 'GTD Way'. I stumbled upon your Juggling Sheep site while searching for sermon planning materials and was wowwed by your GTD journey (i feel your pastoral chaotic pain... I am only 6 months into my first pastorate and can't find the top of my desk... or my life for that matter).

So now I have seen the light, and am a follower of the 'GTD Way'. The angels are singing. I have died to my old chaotic and disorganized ways, and am living by the GTD book. SMILE.

Thanks for blogging your journey. And for the suggestions for tweaking the system for pastoral work... fabulous. Keep blogging.


Jay said...

God's blessings to you as you start out! Looking back, I now see what a blessing it was to intern under a very balanced and productive senior pastor.

Find a mentor, some accountability peers, and someone you can teach. It will make all the difference in the world!