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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting Things Done - Shower Power

Bathtub Crayons to Capture Ideas in the ShowerI just got back from Toys "R" US!

I bought crayons!

Something nice for my son's upcoming birthday? No. For me. For GTD.

I wrote previously about how I had a bunch of ideas in the shower and didn't have a good way to capture them. Pascal Venier left me a link to "A Shower of Ideas". He had a phone (for voice memos), a white board, a note pad, and pens. But nothing really for recording thoughts IN the shower.

Did you know Crayola makes "Bathtub Crayons?" Now I can mindmap a sermon series right in the shower! Imagine all of the tiles as a big wall of graph paper... And it all wipes away when you wash it off.

Now I can finally capture everything everywhere. And I can write love notes to my wife.


Jonathan said...

You know you're crazy, right?

Mad William Flint said...

I've been doin' that for years. It's especially funny when I have a shower full of programming notes...

and a guest.

"Where's your bathroom?"
"Over behind the kitchen."
"WHAT THE ____!?!"