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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting Things Done - Car Capturing

Last week, I posted about not capturing my ideas. One of my biggest issues was not capturing thoughts, ideas, and to-dos while in the car. I can't write while driving and I don't have a voice memo recorder.

Veggiegrrl left a useful comment:
I use my cell phone to call and leave a message on my voicemail at work. Then I don't have to remember to retrieve anything from the car -- it's waiting at my desk when I get there.

Since then, I've called maybe 15 capture items in during my drive time. Problem solved! No more lost ideas! Thanks, Veggiegrrl!


gtdfrk said...

What really works for me (I'm driving around a lot for work also) is to make notes not by calling my voicemail but by recording a voice memo right into my phone. This works beautifully especially if you're using some kind of hands-free kit. I've been taking hundreds of notes like that. I can listen to them right there in the car or at my leisure when I get back home, where I simply drop my phone in the in-basket! ;)

Jay said...

I guess I didn't realize that my phone had a voice memo recorder.

I found it this morning after gtdfrk's comment. It's a bit tough to get to (select, right click 2X, 1, 6, 2). But it may end up being more efficient than calling in (and less expensive).

Thanks for the tip.

gtdfrk said...

I'm sure you could set up a shortcut to your voice memo recorder, depending on your phone of course. I'm using a Nokia 6230i. Good luck! :)

Todd Stanfield said...

Yes. My voice memo feature was buried in the menus, but I assigned it to a single shortcut button. I simply hit one button - leave myself a note and then send it to my email address for a reminder to process the info in the note.t