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Monday, January 1, 2007

Personal Vision Statement - Purpose, Values, and Vision

My Personal Vision Statement was developed over a few days of intensive prayer, reflection, and directed personal and group work at a CRM ReFocusing Leaders training event in 2004. It has changed very little over the last two years. This document has provided considerable guidance and accountability for my priorities, keeping me on track for the things I know are really important in my life and ministry.

If you'd like to go through a similar (simplified) process to come up with your own Personal Vision Statement, you can buy and use my Personal Vision Workbook.

My Purpose
I exist to live in childlike dependence on God, growing and maturing every day, letting people see His hand at work in my life.

My Core Values
  • Excellence – honoring God and inspiring people
  • Authentic Relationships – intentionally deepening with family and a few close friends
  • Visionary Leadership – listening, dreaming, obeying, mentoring, and leading the charge
  • Team Ministry – completing gifts, sharpening, challenging, inspiring, holding accountable
  • Pioneering – trying new things, starting new ventures
  • Church Planting – expanding God’s kingdom through new, mission-driven churches
  • Practicality – doing only those things that work
  • Worship – publicly and privately honoring God as Creator, Redeemer, and Lord

My Vision
My vision is to live a balanced life of love and service to God, my family, and my community.

I am called to place my family above my vocation, to be a loving and accessible husband and father, ministering to my family’s needs and demonstrating God's love in tangible ways.

I am called to lead a team of pastors to plant a growing church in a North American city and to facilitate a healthy, growing network of church plants that glorify God and prepare communities for Christ’s soon return.

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