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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Perfect GTD App - My Top 5 List

Here are the top 5 features I would want in a Perfect GTD App (this assumes, of course, that the app already does all the GTD basics):
1. Cross-Platform Conformity - I would want it to run on my PC (office), Macs (home), the Internet (anywhere), my Palm Pilot or Pocket PC (without an internet connection), and have printout options for my Moleskine. I would want the interface to be completely consistent between the platforms and have the platforms fully sync-able.

2. Teams Capability - I want to be able to place things in my team-members' inboxes and allow them to put things in mine. I might want to be able to share my project list or someday/maybe list with them. GTD as a team can be very powerful.

3. Project/Task Reconciliation - I want to be able to see my Project and Task Lists side-by-side (as it is now, I have to print out my projects to reconcile with my tasks during my weekly review). It would be really cool if a Project entry turned red if there were no Task assigned to it. It would also be cool if you could hover or right-click on an entry and see what else (task, project, file, date, etc.) was associated with it.

4. Wizard Functionality - I would like wizards to lead the user through the initial capture and set-up process, to teach the user workflow, and to lead the user through a weekly review process. These wizards could be user-customizable (for the weekly review, for instance).

5. High-Level Enabling - I don't want the Perfect GTD App to be just about the runway-level things. This is similar to the wizard functionality. I would love to have modules for visioneering, for long- and short-term goal setting, for strategic planning, for big-picture thinking, for accountability (see #2) and for work-and-life balance.

That's my top 5 list for the Perfect GTD App. Let me know when you write one.


Nano said...

Great list - I have been trying to wean myself off BrainForest (pure outliner but works nicely on my Palm with both Mac and Windows clients).

Currently I'm trying Thinking Rock but it is driving me crazy and lacks a mobile client.

How much of being mobile is about reviewing things rather than entry?

Would you prefer a different UI on the (small-screened) mobile devices that was oriented towards review? There are things you can do naturally with pens that don't fit desktop list-based interfaces, and vice-versa

Jay said...

I guess it's about 6o% review and 40% entry. I can enter things directly into the palm on the go, but it takes so much longer than typing or writing. I usually just write notes that I put in my inbox later.

Really, the reason my wife went back to paper-based GTD was because you just couldn't reconcile lists well on the palm. You couldn't view lists side by side; you could only see 12 entries or so at a time, etc.

I sync, print my lists, and reconcile with my palm that way. It's clunky, but it works.