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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Change is Hard (for some)

The sad truth is you must know who your blockers and whiners are.  And you have to find a way to change them, placate them, or ignore them.

When you're trying to do something different, you will always get pushback.  Change is very difficult for some people.

When you're about to change something, think of the stakeholders.  Put them into three columns:
  1. Those who will block change
  2. Those who will allow change
  3. Those who will create change
Your job as a change manager is to move people one column.  
Turn blockers into allowers.
And if you still have any life left in you, turn allowers into creators.

You will always have blockers who will never be moved.  If the change is mission-critical, you must be willing to ignore them.  Even if it means alienating them or losing them.