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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What to Do First?

I've been on the ground in my new church district for almost three weeks now.

I've been doing a lot of unpacking and moving things around and trying to get settled into our new house.  Kendra has started her new job teaching a couple of classes.  Nathaniel has started second grade at a new school and gymnastics at a new gym.

I've preached a sermon in each church and I've attended an elders meeting.

How do you get up to speed in a new church district?

Here's what I've done:
  • Started weekly meetings with the associate pastor
    • learning about who he is and what exactly he does
    • learning about who the (elected and de facto) leaders are
    • learning about the current ministry structure
    • learning about pitfalls and areas of opportunity
    • learning about recent church history and why things are the way they are
    • learning about what's on the calendar
    • chosen a book to read through and discuss together
  • Started working on some upcoming sermon series
    • Heaven in My Heart
    • Children's Bible Heroes
    • Advent
  • Started meeting with elders and church leaders individually
    • getting to know them
    • trying to figure out the big picture
  • Ordered the NCD survey
  • Started exercising more regularly
Here's what I think need to do next:
  •  Administer the NCD survey
    • assess the church's health in 8 quality areas
    • evaluate a starting point
    • start work on two "minimum factors"
  • Continue meeting with elders and leaders individually
  • Move into the church office
  • Establish my regular office hours and work routine
  • Try not to change the whole world all at once
Any advice?

1 comment:

Andre said...

Pastor Jay,

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences online for any random person to see. As a fellow pastor in the Adventist Church, I find it refreshing to see your intentionality and openness. I am just a year and a half into my ministry experience, so I am not in the position to give you solid feedback on your intro schedule. Nonetheless, I think you seem to have a good approach, heavy on up-front listening to inform your ministry activities to come. NCD is a good move as well, so you can present many of your ministry initiatives as a response to the self-determined conclusions the congregation came up with for itself versus the new guy coming to "change the world all at once."

I think exercise is also an excellent thing to do in this time of transition, keep that up, I hope to be more consistent in this area for myself as well.

Blessings on your transition, and I do wonder, how are you going to track and report most of your findings from these one-on-one conversations with leadership? Do you plan on looking for trends and sharing the patterns with others as a benchmark? Or are you just going to keep the insights in your personal file for your own use? Just curious...