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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

GTD on Technorati's WTF

I just wrote a "Where's the Fire" description of Getting Things Done on Technorati.com.

If you think this is a pretty good description of why GTD is hot, you can vote for this to be the WTF default GTD entry. Go there and vote now.

For those of you who would just rather read it here:

GTD Creates Peace of Mind with a Simple Process

David Allen's personal productivity masterpiece, Getting Things Done (GTD), has taken the world by storm.

Teaching no new or complicated skills (only a process putting them all together), GTD provides a leak-proof system for time management and personal productivity. By getting all of the clutter out of your head and into the system, you have more mental (and emotional) energy and capacity to do creative thinking and amazing things.

Online, GTD has a cult-like following. Some people have called it religious:

  • Scripture - Getting Things Done
  • Messiah - David Allen
  • Prophet - Merlin Mann
  • Church - The Weekly Review
  • Converts - Our lives have been changed
  • Evangelists - Everyone telling everyone else how our lives have been changed

GTD has sparked an entire cottage industry of DIY tips, tricks, and hacks. There are online applications and software programs galore, for anyone who cares to try them out looking for the perfect one.

Mostly, GTD is popular because it just makes sense. Once you do it, you'll realize you should have been doing it all along. Life just makes sense when you're Getting Things Done.

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