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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Free GTD Workflow Wallpaper

We're all familiar with the free GTD desktop wallpaper from anabubula.com. But lifehack.org is greedy. It wants more:
What I’d like to see is something similar to a desktop workflow diagram, where each area has an access point, or a folder. ie. Stuff is a folder, Projects is a folder or links, the recycle bin is Trash, the calendar box has a link to your online calendar and so on.

This might create an environment where everything you do on your computer is plotted in your GTD workflow, and so it becomes easier to integrate that with your ‘real world’ GTD processes.

It exists! Over at johnlawrence.net. It's this great wallpaper to actually organize your desktop. Drag your icons onto the correct spots, and waladu! Instant computerific GTD.

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