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Thursday, February 22, 2007

GTD - Beta Test for iCommit v3

My wife has a bit of a problem with "Productivity Pr0n", when it comes to implementing GTD. She's tried out goal makers and list makers and has invited me to join all of them (because she wants to be able to "share" tasks and projects with me - thanks, Honey).

Well, she's been trying out iCommit v2 for a while. The interface is a little clunky, but she LOVES the iCommit weekly review module. She says it's very complete and useful.

Yesterday she showed me the iCommit v3 preview trailer. It actually looks pretty impressive (if a bit dramatic). I think it's going to be a subscription service only, but right now there's a sign-up for beta testing going on. You can become a beta tester by emailing beta@icommitonrails.de. Beta testing is starting early '07, according to the response email.

I admit it. I signed up for beta testing. So there I am, caught up in a life of "Productivity Pr0n."

Here's the trailer for your viewing enjoyment (it may load a little slow):


Todd Stanfield said...


I love your blog. iCommit looks a little bloated to me. I love backpack but am considering a switch to a all analog (ala hipster) GTD system.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it will sync with the new iPhone?