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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Long and Winding Review

I was alarmed this morning at what I read on the Cranking Widgets blog:
One of my most difficult hurdles in implementing GTD has been a consistent weekly review. My schedule is somewhat erratic at times, and while I normally have ample time on Friday nights to do the review, I often have a hard time mustering the energy to delve into a 2+ hour endeavor.

What? 2+ hours? Every time? Why does your weekly review take 2+ hours? Is it because you aren't doing a complete review often enough? Or because you really aren't working the system the rest of the week? Or you're just not thinking well on a Friday night? Or you don't have a good review system in place? Help me understand...

I don't think I'd make time for my weekly review, if it took a whole blessed two hours! I think I'd just chalk it up to another lost cause and forget it.

How long does your review take?


Kendra said...

Yeah, um. Mine takes 2-3 hours. Since I work only 4 hours per day, this means it takes most of my day.

Some of it is due to interruptions, but the psychic burden of it does loom very large!

Brett said...

I didn't know 2 hours (or more) was such a inordinate amount of time :)

I don't really hurry through my review, for one. And my project list is pretty hefty (though, probably no longer than the average GTDer - probably around 100 projects between home and work).

Part of my weekly review routine involves examining my contexts, tools and the like for "holes" in the system. This part doesn't usually result in drastic changes to my implementation, but I think it's a good idea to examine my methods regularly to see what's working and what's not (if anything).


GTD Wannabe said...

Maybe an hour, but I tend to skip the "look at every project to make sure it's got a next action" part. heh.